Brothers Furniture Design

BFD is fighting the war against cheap particle board furniture by creating solid wood, quality pieces you can be proud of. Hand selected materials come together to form pieces as unique as they are affordable. We hand build each piece so we can easily meet your customized needs.

Modified Trestle Table

The Modified Trestle introduces a slight industrial modern feel to the Standard Trestle by blending wood and metal materials for a unique look.

Love the idea of metal and wood working together, but still need the functional seating only a trestle can provide? You have found your match! The Modified Trestle blends the bold styling of our Turnbuckle with its larger beam ends and metal accents, with our popular and functional traditional Trestle. The base is tucked underneath to make every inch of this table accessible and enjoyable for your whole family or group! The Modified Trestle is available in your choice of stain, finish, and distressing options.

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