Brothers Furniture Design

BFD is fighting the war against cheap particle board furniture by creating solid wood, quality pieces you can be proud of. Hand selected materials come together to form pieces as unique as they are affordable. We hand build each piece so we can easily meet your customized needs.

In 2012 Brothers Furniture Design began its mission towards quality, solid wood furniture. Disappointed with the quality and price point of mass produced dining sets from the typical furniture retailers, BFD took matters into their own hands. After completing a few personal projects compliments started to pile up and it was clear there was a demand. BFD started with dining furniture but has quickly grown through custom orders to be able to take on projects all around the home.


Brothers Furniture Design is owned and operated by local firefighters; brothers-in-law in life and brothers in service on the job created Brothers Furniture Design. We are happy to meet and show you around our shop and showroom so you can see our completed projects first hand as well as samples of our many options. However, because of our unique schedules we will meet by appointment only. To order or set a meeting please visit our Contact Us page.


Our Products :

We strive to produce high quality, custom pieces at a modest price. We put a lot into every piece we make in hopes that you get a lot out of them! We use all hand selected hardwoods consistent with local species that have stood the test of time. Because of our style, imperfections such as knots, cracks, marks and small gaps are embraced and should be expected. Slight bowing or shrinking can happen when these pieces acclimate to the humidity, temperature, and environment of your home and will vary between seasons. These are not problems with the product, this is part of the character that has made the rustic farmhouse style table attractive, interesting, and are by design. There are no warranties either guaranteed or implied. All prices are subject to change.